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Laundry Suds was built on the foundation of love and care by its owner, Robin. As former private Estate Manager and elementary school teacher, Robin envisioned a place where all persons can come to wash and dry in a comfortable, safe, and clean laundry room with high speed commercial machines. She chose Speed Queen commercial machines that offer spacious drums for washing and drying any load size.  And, while keeping the kiddos in mind, she provides a space just for children to relax, read, color and watch safe cartoons for all ages.  For the adults, she thought about a charging station with table space that allows the busy professional or parent to relax and utilize the charging area while your laundry gets Super Clean!  Robin always thinks about our seniors! The fully attended location provides assistance for our elderly who may need help with washing and drying, or for any individual with a special request.  Lastly, Robin wants all her customers to know that your satisfaction is her priority. 

Robin at Laundry Suds.jpg
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